Vea Global Qualitas S.L

VEA QUALITAS, S.L. is a technical consultancy and engineering SME whose commercial name is VEA GLOBAL. VEA GLOBAL counts with more than 20 experts in several disciplines and works with more than 15 collaborators in different fields. VEA GLOBAL works for medium size enterprises and public institutions. Headquarters are located in Spain, in Zaragoza and it also has offices in Madrid. It also has local offices in Mexico, Peru and Chile. Its values are the innovation, integrity, focus in competitiveness of the client, and hard work.

VEA GLOBAL is specialized in the following fields:

  • Innovation and Business development
  • Energy, Environment and Sustainability
  • Project Management and Funding
  • Engineering and execution of industrial facilities

VEA GLOBAL is highly experienced in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation:

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: the company coordinates the business incubator Industrial Factory in Vicálvaro and implemented the project Innovation Committees in the region of Villaverde, aimed at encouraging business activities in the region and targeting SMEs and entrepreneurs.
  • INNOVATION AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: the company is expert on innovation management, advising for strategic planning, advising services related to the EFQM model, R&D and innovation strategies… The company counts on experts in consulting services in Business Organization, Quality, Business Excellence, Social Responsibility and Ethics Management and Knowledge


  • CREATIVITY: VEA GLOBAL is a provider of creativity and design thinking tools such as: innovation contests for employees, creativity sessions for ideas generation, collaborative and benchmarking tools … We also use creativity sessions aimed at new product and service design.
  • TRAINING: VEA GLOBAL offers training programmes in all its areas of expertise combining traditional learning procedures with learn-by-doing methodologies; besides the company participated in the TATRA project (, funded under Leonardo Da Vinci Programme and aiming to develop an e-learning curriculum focused on women entrepreneurship as tour guides.
  • EXPERT IN QUALITY MANAGEMENT: The company counts on certified auditors for ISO Standards (9001, 14000) and experts on EFQM and TQM models. It is recognized by AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) as training experts on R&D and innovation field.