e-trikala SA

e-Trikala SA began as a Development Company of the MUNICIPALITY OF TRIKALA which was established in March 2008.The main objective of the Office, before being established as an SA, was the operation of a programming point, documentation and mediation for the MUNICIPALITY OF TRIKALA in the Operational Programmes “Information  Society” and “Digital Convergence”.

The success of the office led to the establishment of e-Trikala SA in March 2008 with main shareholder the MUNICIPALITY OF TRIKALA, in possession of 99% of the shares, while the remaining 1% is held by the Commercial Chamber of Trikala. The study and analysis of the current situation of ICT in Greece led to the identification and codification of specific problems and developmental gaps called to address and provide comprehensive contributory services.

The design and planning of services which are provided by e-Trikala SA are :

Supply of electronic services to the citizens of the city of Trikala subsequently provided and the expansion of the network and surrounding areas. Examples include: wireless and wired broadband connection, e-government, information entertainment education, health services, tourism, special services and many others. The use of already materialized infrastructure will play an important role, as well as those found in the study and implementation phase. Furthermore, the company will provide the infrastructure to interested ISPs for access to end users, thereby developing and trading wholesale channel.
Providing advisory services to entities interested in developing similar actions in other geographical areas. The leadership in implementing such a project at local level gives the opportunity to the company to provide its services either as a consultant or as a participant in any new effort corresponding or larger.
Research and Development to produce innovative services in cooperation with universities and institutions of the market. These services will be addressed in similar activities, but it is also possible to create specialized applications depending on customer needs. This axis will be used as a feedback mechanism of the first shaft through the continuous enrichment with new services and applications, making it an updated and efficient. This activity will provide part of the financing by participating in subsidized research programs and generate revenue from the sale of products.
Education-training of the personnel of the organizations which will adopt eTrikala business applications, which are divided into the following subcategories:
Training municipal personnel to use specific tools.
Training citizens to the new technologies.
Training of entrepreneurs in new technologies.
Publicity actions for broadband.  Technical support of the MUNICIPALITY OF TRIKALA, in integrated sustainable development issues, as well as design and implementation of development interventions.
Lastly, E-Trikala S.A has been a partner in the implementation of many innovative European Projects:

European Digital Programs Implementation

  • Renewing Health (http://www.renewinghealth.eu/en/)
  • ISISEMD (http://www.isisemd.eu/)
  • INDEPENDENT (http://www.independent-project.eu/)
  • ELDER-SPACES (http://www.elderspaces.eu/)
  • MOMENTUM (http://telemedicine-momentum.eu/)
  • SUSTAINS (http://www.sustainsproject.eu/)
  • UnitedForHealth (http://united4health.eu/)
  • SmartCare (http://pilotsmartcare.eu/home/)
  • Citymobil2 (http://www.citymobil2.eu/en/)
  • TEAM (https://www.collaborative-team.eu/)
  • MyWay (http://myway-project.eu/)
  • PRISSM (http://www.prissm-eu.com/index.php/en/)
  • SABER (http://www.project-saber.eu/cms/)
  • DIGITAL CITIES (http://www.digital-cities.eu/)
  • NET-EUCEN (http://www.net-eucen.org/)
  • iHeERO (http://iheero.eu/)
  • Den- CuPID (http://den-cupid.eu)