Futuro Digitale

Futuro Digitale is a non-profit organisation based in three Italian regions (Calabria, Campania, Lazio) and Rome is our meeting city. We work to empower young people through ICT and youth working projects in the small towns where we are placed. Our mission is supported by enthusiastic groups of volunteers and youth communities as hard and professional work can indeed create real development opportunities for them. In Calabria we work to create real opportunities and to eradicate youth dis-empowerment through European funds (mobility actions & local workshops) and volunteering actions (sports, charity etc.), as well as to actively fight digital divide.

We are implementing DigItaly project, in order to spread free wifi in small towns through a vigorous business plan. In Campania we have restored an ex industrial centre together with other local organisations, and there we implement European volunteer projects, as well as workshops to support young people from Naples periphery. In Lazio region we focus on giving free support for young people in enterprise development, as well as we focus on research development. All the offices have hosted more than 70 interns and we are involved in several European partnerships in Erasmus plus programme. Cooperating with institutions, schools and other social actors is the key of our success. We are an accredited Labour Agency, ICT and Italian language centre. We possess a varied expertise which is expressed in entrepreneurial projects, Erasmus plus mobility projects and project management in social research.